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Military photographic-reconnaissance (Airrecce) has come a very long way since its humble beginnings in the First World War. By the end of World War Two, the Royal Air Force and its Allies, used a wide range of aircraft and systems to photograph it's enemies at will, by day and night.

To quote RAF Air Publication AP112P-0001-1
"Accurate and timely knowledge of enemy movements has always been an importance factor in war. In limited or global war, aerial reconnaissance may often be the only way vital information can be obtained."

Now in these modern times the Royal Air Force and other Nations are stepping away from the "wet film" systems and are working towards digital, using video tape and other high tech systems that relay imagery directly to the Photographic Interpreters sitting away from the battlefront.

The main aim of this site is to inform you of the Units that undertook the role of Airrecce, also the equipment they used, and some examples of the imagery taken.

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25 Mar - Added a collection of USAAF recce images
25 Apr - WW2 Luftwaffe reconnaissance cameras
08 Feb - Updated all RAF Reconnaissance Squadrons
31 Mar - RAF Jaguar Reconnaissance page added
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13 May - House keeping on various pages, adding pop-ups and
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14 May - Updated Austrain Airfileds page
01 Jan - Major house keeping undertaken, adding new menu system
01 Jan - New images of the Supermarine Swift FR.5 added.

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