Delayed Flight

Here’s What To Do if a Flight is Late

For those of us who fly, there’s not much more frustrating than when our flights are delayed, particularly if our goal was to get to a specific place by a particular time. Here’s what to do if a flight is late.

Check Your Apps

Before you take any flight, be sure you have downloaded the airline’s app. Then, if you are in a situation where your plane is delayed, you can check your app for further information and sometimes change your itinerary within the app yourself. It is easier and more accessible than waiting in line to speak to an agent or waiting on the phone line for an available agent.

Check for an Alternate Carrier

When your flight is delayed, sometimes an airline is willing to book you on an alternate carrier. They are not required to do this, but it does help to ask if that’s a way you want to go.

Overnight Delays

In some cases, airlines will offer to pay for your hotel and meals, but in many cases, they will not. If your flight is delayed until the next morning, find out if you are owed any compensation. Will they pay for your hotel or your meals? Or will they compensate you in another way, such as with a voucher? Take the initiative to ask for what you need, because in some cases, the airline won’t tell you unless you ask them. For example, you can ask for a hotel voucher and food vouchers. You may or may not get it, but you’ll never know unless you ask the airline.

Seek Compensation

If your flight is delayed for over three hours or if the flight is cancelled then you are entitled to flight delay compensation. You can also claim this if you are refused boarding because the flight is overbooked.

Check Your Credit Cards

There are credit cards that offer benefits for people who are enduring flight delays. Do you own any of them? Some cards provide benefits for those experiencing up to a six-hour delay and some cards offer up to a 12-hour delay. So, for example, you could get reimbursed for up to 500 pounds for reasonable expenses occurred. These include things like food, lodging, transportation, etc. They may also have a benefit that provides for being able to stay in the airline’s lounge rather than the regular passenger seating area of the airport.

Take Advantage of Yoga and Meditation Rooms

One of the things you may want to do if your flight is delayed is to calm your nerves. There’s nothing you can do about making a plane go when you want it to go. All you can do is wait for the next flight. Therefore, rather than get yourself all worked up, think about ways to calm your nerves. One of those ways can include spending time in a yoga or meditation room of the airport. Many of today’s airports offer yoga and meditation rooms to calm your mind, body, and soul.

Try these tips to pave your way when you want to know what to do when a flight is late. Many options can benefit you. It takes action on your part and can prove to be a beneficial outcome.


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